ESP Overview

Exact Stock Picks Overview

Our philosophy at Exact Stock Picks is very simple. Our goal is always to make a profitable trade in as little time as necessary. With the volatility these markets have shown over the last few months, not to mention the last ten years, it is absolutely imperative to find consistent winners. If that means taking profits sometimes too early, so be it. No one has ever lost money taking a profit. If that means cutting our losses on losing trades, that's OK as well. It only takes one really bad trade to wipe out the profits of many others.

Taking this philosophy to our members has produced profitable trades in the range of 70%. Or course we would like to have that higher, but with our strict guidelines of when to enter and exit we can pile up many quick winners with our service. Small profits over time turn in to large profits down the road.

We invite you to try our service free for 7 days. Our system of finding the right stocks, along with our trading discipline, will allow you to profit in all types of markets. We look forward being your trading partner!

Disclaimer: Our trade alerts are not recommendations. Before placing any trades, consult with your financial adviser.